THE HEALER organic lipbalm (clear)

This product truly is The Healer! It has saved and continues to save lips and skin damaged by extreme weather, rashes due to chemical sensitivity, and chemotherapy burns. Consider it a wide spectrum healing salve. Kinda like having an "herbalist in a tube".

100% Edible and tastes like maple syrup.

* Dry, chapped Lips (mostens, softens and protects)
* Scars (after surgery and to soften existing scars)
* Rashes (any kind with skin redness)
* Burns (sunburn, chemo burn, etc.)

Gluten-Free... Organic… Herbal… Toxin-Free… Chemical-Free!

Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic beeswax, organic angelica sinensis, organic angelica dahurica, organic licorice, organic essential oils of helichrysum and ravensara.

Size: 7.5 ml

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