CLARY SAGE Essential Oil (organic)

6 ml
Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea
Country of Origin: France
Part of Plant Used: Flowering tops
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Olfactory Notes: Nutty, sweet, fruity, pear-like with a faintly floral note
100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) shares many of the properties of Sage (Salvia officinalis). Therapeutically, Clary Sage is a preferred choice, as it does not present risks of toxicity associated with high level of ketone called thujone found in Sage (Salvia officinalis).

Each essential oil has a unique chemical profile which determines its efficacy and safety and varies according to the area where plant is grown including integrity of soil, method of cultivation, time of harvest, altitude, etc. Clary Sage grown in France has a higher linalool content making it a strong anti-inflammatory as well as a more relaxing and calming oil. If you intend to use Clary Sage for stress, anxiety, relaxation or emotional balance, French Clary Sage would be your best choice.

* Cardiovascular - promotes circulation (varicosities, spider veins, hemorrhoids), aids arterial circulation, helps lower high blood pressure.
* Digestive – colic, cramp, spasm, increases secretion of intestinal mucus, eases constipation
* Emotional - Anxiety, depression, stress, inner calm, emotional balance, eases fear, paranoia, mid-life crisis, aid dreams, creativity.
* Musculoskeletal - Powerful muscle relaxant, spasms, cramps
* Reproductive/Genitourinary – regulates menstrual cycle (especially for scanty or missing periods), induces menstruation, eases painful periods, labor pain, PMS, post-natal depression, reduces menopausal hot flashes (inhaled), impotence, increases mucus secretion in all urogenital organs, increases smooth muscle peristalsis in uterus, bladder, oviduct, reduces inflammation of mucus membranes.
* Respiratory - Asthma induced by stress

- Avoid while pregnant or nursing.
- Avoid with estrogen dependent conditions such as cancers, endometriosis, breast, ovarian and uterine cysts.
- Large doses can induce a narcotic effect and cause headaches.
- Avoid combining Clary Sage with alcohol as it will induce severe nightmares.

Please note: glass bottle with dropper holds 12 ml but contains 6 ml of pure Clary Sage, therefore it is half full, making it more convenient, should you choose to dilute with carrier oil of your choice.

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