Indigo COLD SORE Powder

1.15 gm
Shortens duration and prevents infection of cold sores, canker sores, mouth sores. Also very effective for genital herpes sores. Dries, heals, reduces inflammation. An amazing product!

HOW TO USE: use your finger or q-tip to apply a tiny amount to affected sore. For lips use in conjunction with The Healer Lipbalm. Always remember to keep lips hydrated to prevent further cold sore outbreak and avoid grains during an outbreak.

Caution: I care! If you are allergic to sulfur or sulfa drug, do not use this product.

INGREDIENTS: proprietary herbal blend containing indigo. Just herbs, no chemicals, synthetics, or other crap.

SIZE: 1.15 gram

PACKAGING: 100% recyclable glass container

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